"If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?"
-David Livingstone

July 16, 2011

Snippets of adventure from a days rest:

This afternoon I caught our "triplets" on the porch having joyfully smeared around a mess the cat had left on the porch that had somehow escaped my notice....... To my vast relief the mess appeared to be limited to the floor and shoe that had been used rather than on their persons!
A bit later I ventured out of the room only to realize that the house was dangerously still. There they were, having escaped the bamboo fence meant to contain them, the little trio sitting cross-legged around a small bag and whatever substance was inside they were quite obviously sampling. I couldn't set Jabe down quick enough! Whatever it was didn't meet their fancies. Their faces were crumpling up with horror as they made small sounds of distress. Upon investigation I discovered it to be a whole bag full of red hot chillie seeds. Now that I knew that this wasn't going to end in their demise the whole situation struck me as quite amusing. Sometimes you're either going to laugh or you're going to cry and it's funner to laugh...for everyone involved! They trailed me into the washroom still licking their small fingers rather dubiously. What can I say, they're Karen!
I had hoped that they may have learned their lesson as to escaping from the area that they're supposed to stay in, but, alas, five minutes later my little escapees were at it again.
Wish you could hear our rather impressive, if mournful sounding, quartet, or maybe not... But I was noticing earlier that it sounds almost as if they're developing four-part harmony. Jabe's teething as well as having a fever today (which I'm going to optimistically accredit to the teething) and is doing a good job at adding to the chaos.

All in a days rest!

Now for a few things I'm very deeply grateful for:

* I was able to go to at least the first part of church today!

* Little JooJoo calling out "Amen!" in the middle of my prayer.:)

* Jabe interspersing his wails with heart-melting smiles.

* Our sometimes-trying, but oh-so-precious trio. I've very nearly given up on getting a good picture of all three of them!

* Tharamoo PawGaDu who has become a real friend. She's here, often morning and evening. Asks me questions, doesn't mind my inserting two language questions between every regular sentence, teaches me Burmese, feeds me, sews for me (she's the sewing teacher at the school), loves Jabez, gives me gifts that I feel very awkward taking, and says what she thinks. Her and her almost-2-year-old daughter are real bright spots in my day.

* And these two girls! They are students who have more than faithfully helped with the kids ever since my family left. I really enjoy them and am not quite sure what I would do without them, although there is Tharamoo KoPaw as well.

And so many more........

Happy Sabbath to all of you are just entering the one we just ended!

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  1. This is a hilariously pathetic story!
    Pathetic in that you obviously have too much to reasonably take care of. I'll be praying for you...