"If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?"
-David Livingstone

December 29, 2010

LMT Training


Here's a post that I've meant to put up for months. I appologize for not giving an update on this sooner.

Quite a few months ago now I posted about my plans for training some of our students who were interested in doing medical work. I mentioned that I'd like to be able to at the end of the training give each of them their own backpack with basic medical supplies such as stethoscopes, bp cuffs, thermometers, otoscopes, ect. so that they could return to their own villages (some of their villages are deep into Burma where there is no access to medical care) and help their people.
When I wrote that it was simply a dream I had and something I hoped to be able to do, although I didn't know where the funds would come from for something like that. I hadn't even thought that far yet. Neither did it even occur to me that there might be someone out there who would have it in their heart to take that on as a special project to raise money for. Well that's exactly what happened! To my immense surprise and excitement (not to mention the students!) some friends from our homechurch wrote and told me that the youth Sabbath school class would like to make it their project. God really does care about the little details! They've done exactly that! These last few months they've gathered over $800 dollars for the project. Which is more than enough to provide backpacks, stethoscopes, bp cuffs, thermometers, otoscopes, and instruments for suturing.
Last week when I was passing through ChiangMai on my way to Laos for my visa trip I was able to order most of the supplies and then had just enough time on my way back to pick them up as well as find backpacks and get the suturing supplies. It's been so much fun putting everything together. It will be a very special moment when the kids receive them (hopefully either this week or the next one)!
I want to say a huge thank-you, both on my part and the students, for making this a possibility! It really blew me away!

Here's some pictures of a few of our students:

This is SawHaGay. He's 16 and is an excellent student.

Nuklok at her baptism last year. She went ahead and chose to be baptized although her father told her he would disown her.

SayMuOo,15, is the youngest medical student. She does a very excellent job and is a very willing learner.

Nickotoo is 17.

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