"If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?"
-David Livingstone

December 29, 2010

My Day


Yesterday I hiked into "my" village, Manykee. It was way past time to go as with my being gone up in Chiangmai and everything it had been over a week.
Most of the time now when I go up I have a very full evening of patients (even up to 30!) They're catching onto my schedule and try to make the most of any time I spend there. Generally I don't make it up 'til after five o'clock and I try to be gone by shortly after six the next morning in order to be back down here and ready for more patients by 9 o'clock. So my time is pretty limited.
This morning I hoped to start out before 6:30, but didn't make it as a few patients soon began trickling in. With smiling faces happily back on their ways, I tried for my escape, but I didn't make it further than a hundred feet before meeting another mother with one more sick child on her back. Finally nearly an hour from when I'd meant to leave, I was on my way. (Trying to remember: "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape."):)
I had an awesome hike back out. Though strenuous, it's exactly what I need to prepare to face another day. An hour's motorbike ride and I was back down at the school. Just in time to begin a typical morning with whatever patients come to the porch.
We began the medical class for the students at noon. It's exciting to have it underway! On top of hands-on work, we'll be meeting three times a week.
I then went to visit a little girl who was badly burned and who we had as a patient several weeks ago (blog to follow.) And then off to Metta with part of my family and my my ever-growing list of medicine and supplies.
Back and in a rush once again, I hurriedly slap medicines into a bag and jump back on the motorbike to go in search of a patient's hut. Earlier we had a month-old baby that I was quite concerned about. They need more medicine. Thankfully, I find them with little ado.
Off to Mawqwee. Only a few patients this time. It's dark for real now.
One more stop at a hut on my way out to check on another baby. This one was not truly in my hands, but I'd been concerned that he might not make it. I was asked to go see him several weeks ago when he was just a week old and I found a very sick littl guy. They now tell me that he's much better. And that's all I need to make my heart smile for the rest of the evening.:)

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