"If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?"
-David Livingstone

December 29, 2010



What's happening:

We have another new baby. This time a nine-month-old little girl. Her mother was a patient of our's that, long story short, we took into the hospital and was misdiagnosed. She ended up back in the hospital and, sadly, didn't make it. The family is unable to care for JooJoo and asked if we could take her. She's a healthy and active lil' girl with all the appropriate rolls.:) We can't get enough of her smile. When she's particularly pleased with you she'll throw her little head back and simply beam up at you in what we've taken to calling a JooJoo grin.:)

I'd really appreciate some prayers for the LMT training. It's a challenge for me to get it started and I feel like this time I'm in way over my head, but realize that we've got to make this happen.

A friend took the time to teach me to start IV's last week and I've simply been having a blast with it (me and needles just have this thing...) It's something I've been wanting to learn ever since I got bit by the EMS bug, but never had a good opportunity 'til now. All of a sudden I find myself hugely intrigued by random people's veins and am constantly on the look-out for volunteers...so do watch out - a rookie needle jabber is on the loose!:)

This last week we've been up in Chiangmai enjoying some much-needed family time. Life has felt very hectic recently and it's been a treat to just get to relax for a few days.
It was also the Water Festival this last week. If you've never heard of that before, it's pretty much a three-day-long national water fight! With NO mercy! Kids and adults alike roam the cities and line the streets well equipped with water guns, tubs of water, and various dumping devices. The whole city takes on an entirely different atmosphere as the normally quite dignified at large population throw propriety to the wind and fling bowlfuls at you with gleeful abandon.:) Even through the truck windows... Yes, (excluding some of the spiritualistic parts of it) it's pretty much awesome and you will also pretty much be a sopping mess for the next 3 days.:)

Tomorrow will find us up-and-at-it down by the border once again.

Ning-ih on right and JooJoo on left.

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