"If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?"
-David Livingstone

December 29, 2010

Day 2

I discovered that I didn't have some of the things I need so this morning I went on a medicine run down to Metta. Received new fortification and encouragement via friends from Facebook.:) I ended up being late and didn't get started up 'til close to dark. After a harrowing ascent up the mountain, I pulled in to where a group of guys were playing ball in the field out in front of the old Catholic church that I park my bike beneath. Well the last thing I wanted to do was draw more attention to myself than was already granted. They already eye me with a certain level of amusement, interest, and an undefinable sentiment (pity?). I had to drive around the edge of the field to get to the church. One of the men moved to open the gate for me, allowing me just enough room to squeeze through. It was at an awkward angle and the ground was rough. I endeavored to gracefully maneuver in, but instead I gave it too much throttle to get over a bump and with a rather ungainly spurt we jumped through catching on both the wall and gate and managing to knock a board lose. Now if this didn't turn heads!:) I stumbled away with my dignity at about dirt level. Legs shaking (from the harrowing ascent) I headed down the hill toward the path going to my place. As fate would have it, a small stream blocked my path. Really not a stream though. More like a gooey mucky mire of mud that smells of pigs and chickens. Mr. Murphy was in for the lion's share tonight! When my feet touched the slippery slope, part of me went south and the other went north leaving me down on my knees in the mire, much to the delight of my second audience who were perched on the porch of the hut below me. They chuckled to their heart's content as I retrieved my bags, smile, and dignity from the smelly goo. At this point my flip-flops were so slick they refused to gain any grip on the ground (further adding to my audience's mirth, I may add) and so I trudged off barefoot.
This "nurse" can rest in peace tonight knowing that, if no other good was accomplished, at least she gave out the medicine of laughter in large quantities!:)

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