"If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?"
-David Livingstone

October 13, 2012

A Chance at Life

Today it’s been two years. Two years since the day I was handed two tiny bundles wrapped in scraps of ragged old loungies. Two years since the night I, with little thought to the future, signed that paper agreeing to take responsibility.

And tonight as I lay beside him in bed and found myself whispering, “Mama wants you to stay.” “Don’t pick your nose!” “Did you go potty?!” I found myself smiling. Almost laughing. The irony of living this life that is such a far cry from anything I ever thought I wanted. . . And yet finding myself here and being so in love with it.
But what really makes me smile? It’s the thought of God knowing us so much better than we know ourselves. Gives me full confidence and joy in leaving an unknown future in the hands of my known God.

This day is special to me. More special than any other day really. It’s the day God took a tiny, sick and starved baby boy with what would appear to be scarcely more than a few breaths left and an uncertain girl, lost in life and only thinking she knew what she wanted and gave them both a chance at life. And that would be life more abundantly.
Tonight we’re thanking Him.


  1. wow, its been two years!?! God is so amazing Maria. Two years, filled with so many miracles...

  2. Two amazing years. Where did time go? I remember October 2010 vividly: the new arrival, the cardboard box crib, the late nights, the weak little cry that sounded like none other! The pressure sore, the stomach that could hardly handle food, the tiny fingers, the poor sucking reflexes, the beautiful eyes. And now, the laughing, exuberant, and ever-growing boy that we've all come to love so dearly.

    Reminds me of a favorite quote of mine, "Often our plans fail that God's plans for us may succeed. We are never called upon to make a real sacrifice for God. Even when called upon to surrender those things which in themselves are good, we may be sure that God is thus working out for us some higher good." -EGW

    God is truly faithful. Thinking of you both & missing you!