"If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?"
-David Livingstone

July 4, 2011


They said... he had pneumonia.
They said... he would have to be admitted.
They said... he was anemic.
They said... he had Drug Hypersensitivity Syndrome.
They said... he needed a specialist.
They said... he had Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.
They said... he may have permanent liver damage.
They said... he could have Thalassemia.
They said... that they were concerned for the possibility of TB.
They say... that there's risk for eye damage and scarring.*
They said... that he would be in the hospital for 2-4 weeks...

But ultimately it's about what God says.

He says... That before Jabe was born He already knew him...
He says... that the story of every day of his life has already been written....
He says... that he came into this world as a gift from God.
He says... that all things work together for good for those that love Him...
He says... that He can never forget him, his name is engraved on the palms of His hands....
He says... that He knows the plans that He has for Jabe...plans for good...to give him hope and a future...
He says... that He wishes more than anything for him to be in health.
He says... that with Him all things are possible! **

He has a number set for his days....
Nothing can touch him - whether life or death - that is outside of God's perfect plan, or at least that He won't work out for good, for his life. It means so much to me to know that.

They now say... that he's still fighting infection...of some sort.
They now say... that his hematocrit level has gone up!!!
They now say... that they believe that the SJS is pretty much under control.
They now say... his liver function is normal...in other words, no long-term damage.
They now say... he is a Thalassemia carrier (Heterozygous Beta-Thalassemia), but will not suffer any effects from it (PTL!!!)
They now say... that after viewing another chest x-ray, the doctor doesn't believe that he has TB.........
And...he was discharged yesterday - less than a week after they said that that he would stay for 2-4 weeks.

* Follow-up appointment with the ophthalmologist Tuesday.
** (Jeremiah 1:5, Psalms 139:16, Psalms 127:3, Romans 8:28, Jeremiah 29:11, Isaiah 49:15, Psalms 22:10, 3 John 1:2, Matthew 19:26)


  1. I'm praising the Lord with you, Maria, and someday I hope to meet little Jabe, too. :-)

    Love, prayers, and hugs!
    Sarah VH

  2. Dave, Cheryl, and Hosanna EdmanJuly 5, 2011 at 1:07:00 PM PDT

    Amen to all that God says!! Praise the Lord!!! He is mighty! All of those same thruths are true for you too!!! How are you feeling? We pray the Lord's healing hands would be upon your body!

    We so appreciate your blog and your heart for those in need!

    Dave, Cheryl, and Hosanna Edman (friends of your parents from Kalispell, Montana)

  3. Oh girlie...I'm so very happy for you!! :) And your post here gave me goosebumps - WHAT AN AMAZING GOD WE HAVE!!! :D hugs and prayers and lots of love to your and your little boy!! <3


  4. Glad the little guys is doing so much better!

  5. What a beautiful testimony to God's faithfulness. With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible! Maria, when you have a chance, check out my last post. We prayed for you in our prayer room....and I've now had the privilege of meeting your lovely family!!!! I had no idea they were at Faith Camp until your sister came into the prayer room and prayed for you... and I'm like, "Wait!!! Are we praying for the same person....a girl named Maria??!!" It was amazing!! You have some sweet siblings. Loved connecting with your mom too. Anyway, praising the Lord with you for His blessings!!!

  6. Thank-you for the comments everyone! It's been a big encouragent just hearing from each of you and of all the prayers! Yes, I am quite healthy again! Melody, that's awesome! I would have loved to have been there as well!