"If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?"
-David Livingstone

February 7, 2011

He Cares for Me.......

It's been very obvious to me that God's been watching out for me through-out each little step of this latest little adventure of mine.
For starters, money was one of the stressors of this trip. Naturally, I felt awful for the unnecessary output of money caused by my overstay (the fee is approximately $15 per day), but, to add to that, I had not been prepared to go for a trip like this and my family did not have a way of getting any money to me in order to help out. None-the-less, I knew that I needed to go ahead and go and with that I decided to just let the money issue work itself out.
Providentially, already being away from home for a more extended time (and together with Jabez - it's an amazing thing to watch baby diapers and formula suck up your money in great, greedy gulps...), I did have more money on me than I usually would have. But even with that amount (although at 6000 baht - or about $200 - it made me feel very rich indeed, almost guiltily rich...) I knew I would most likely just scrape by and I could really only make a guess as to how much everything was actually going to amount to.
Here I was worrying... But God, of course, knows just how to work things and orchestrated it all out perfectly!
My trip there cost right around 1000 b (or $30). Good so far. But on my arrival at customs I was dismayed to learn that they were going to charge me for 8 days of overstay, rather than the 6 or 7 I'd been hoping for. There went another 4000 of my precious baht right there!
Another point that I had not foreseen in all the rush before I left was the fee for my Cambodian visa. They asked for a $20 dollar US bill. Let's just say that it's not exactly every day that I carry a $20 bill around in my bag. But today... yes, today! I had a new $20 dollar US bill safely tucked away which my Grandma had just sent as the amount which she had withdrawn from my new bank account when she had activated it for me. God is good. If I hadn't had that twenty dollars with me...I would be stranded.
He did it. With almost exactly the 6000 baht that I had on hand.

That's just a small piece of it. There's many other little ways in which He's watched out for me and provided for my needs today. I could go on and on...
I could mention Him getting me on the last minibus going from Bangkok this evening just in time (a fact that I'm tickled pink about!)... or His protection tonight as I wandered back and forth down dark alleys and through the bar laden and weird-white-person infested streets of Kanchanaburi in a desperate attempt to find a room to stay in that wasn't already taken... Or how He gave me a room at the very last place that I could find to go to... Or how they cheerfully came down in price for me 'til I could afford it... And, last, but not least, being with friends who I could drop Jabez on on the spur of the moment and safely trust him with while I had to be away!

I have to admit to having been somewhat discouraged the last several days due to another situation in which I can't see the way through as yet. It appears as if God has cracked open the door to make it possible...but I couldn't understand why He isn't flinging it wide open. All this reminded me that He knows what He's doing in and with my life.
If God cares for all these minor details in my life...surely I can without a doubt trust Him to care for the finer points of my future....

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  1. I'm so glad God worked everything out on your last minute adventure~ And you travel by yourself??? God truly is watching out for you!