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-David Livingstone

December 29, 2010

More Pics

These are just some miscelanious pictures of the school and kids I wanted to put up before this part of my life is past and gone.

First off, I'm going to mention that I wanted my format to be a bit different, but my computer's being a bit stubborn or something...

The biggest girl in the picture, Naw Paw Coo, is the oldest girl in Kindergarten. She's fourteen.
Let me introduce you to Dohpuhgloo! This little guy is just adorable. He's five-years-old.
When I first came to Lay Klo Yaw he was new there (he's GiGiThay and MooQheeLa's brother). He was a major challenge for me as he absolutely refused to talk. I honestly didn't know what to do as he refused to obey and answer at roll call or anything. Anyways, I was finally able to break through the ice and I wish you could have seen him then.:) Sometimes I was almost tempted to wish he was still quiet (not really!). He became my nearly constant little chatterbox companion. I wish you could hear his laugh! I don't think I've ever met a more affectionate little boy. He seemed like he was just starved for attention and I bet he was too. There was no one who paid him special attention or gave him hugs or anything. But once he opened up to me he would just beg for it. I'd have to say that 90+% of the time he was telling me he loved me, hugging and kissing me, or begging to be picked up -- but I loved it! He even began to call me mother sometimes (I really didn't know what to do about that)! He was definitely one of the biggest tugs on my heartstrings when I left.

Thought saluting was pretty cool or something.:)

Is that grin cute or what?:)

A few kids who came to say goodbye.

This is the kindergarten class taking a nap. You can't see all of them there, though. I thought it took resemblence to a battlefield or something. And quite honestly, it basically was trying to get them to stay put.;)

Namuda's a very special little girl.

The animals here have been really painful for me to see sometimes. These are some new puppies at the school. They're so cute, but I see all the wretched looking adult dogs around and I just hate to even think of what their going to become. They're devouring rice in the picture there.

One of the main forms of amusement is some type of rubberband game the kids play in the dirt.

One of the big boys, Saw Ha Gay, cut his head with a saw or something. Just one of the experiences that really made me with I was an EMT.

Relishing a snack of rice while sitting in an old worn-out suitcase.
Saying goodbye to one of the teachers, EhDohSay. I wasn't having near as much fun as it looks like,

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