"If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?"
-David Livingstone

December 29, 2010

Jabez Update


Two months…two hospital stays…an incubator…a feeding tube…painful wound dressings…two blood transfusions…numerous x-rays…countless needles being stuck and re-stuck into his tiny self…untold antibiotics…hospital neglect…caring and concerned staff…pneumonia…discouragement...prayers…praise…love…long nights later………

He’s “home” (i.e. out of the hospital) and healthier!

He’s defied the odds -- being born two months early in his village hut, not having enough milk, being wrapped in dirty rags, weighing 3.2 lbs at one-month-old, suffering from malnutrition and dehydration which left his skin lying in pitiful folds, pretty severe anemia, losing his twin, having an awful open sore on his back which was packed with feces and should have produced a massive infection -- and smashed all grim warnings to smithereens! Will you say praise the Lord? I do not believe I’m stretching it to say he’s a miracle.

At his last check-up he weighed in at a whopping 5.8 lbs, having gained 2.6 lbs since we first got him. I must say that the weight gain suits his little frame quite nicely and it’s such a joy to watch his little cheeks begin to grow chubby.:)
Despite all his improvements though, the doctor insists that he’s still much too fragile to travel with, much less return to the border area. She says that he has only about 1/10 of the immune system a normal baby would have. And he’s still battling. The pneumonia has not completely disappeared from his right lung and he’s right now developing a worrisome cough. He also has developed inguinal hernia (more common with preemies) which he will need surgery for in three more months. (They have to wait ‘til he’s six-months-old as it would be too dangerous to operate right now.) None-the-less, the weight gain is exciting as well as the rest of his development. He can hold his head up pretty good on his own as well as supporting his own weight on his legs, not to mention those smiles!:)
So this leaves me still up here in Chiang Mai. After his discharge from the hospital we stayed with wonderful missionary friends in the area for a couple weeks, but, as we’re looking at a more long-term stay (the doctor would like him to at least get up to 5 kg) of possibly several months, at least on and off, I went ahead and rented a simple little place which is nearby. I will have to return to the border for several days this next week so it’s a big blessing to have friends that I will be able to leave him with.
And as to an update as to what’s happening down at the children’s home and school, that will have to be another blog.

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